Ways to Protect Your Eyes from Blue Light Damage

Ways to Protect Your Eyes from Blue Light Damage

Perhaps, we stare at our computer and mobile screens more than we sleep. These days, the trend of going digital has reached its peak, affecting the eye health of many. According to the studies, it has been noticed that in the United States, an adult on average spends 10 hours and 48 minutes in consuming media. The usage of screen has increased over the years especially when it comes to the smartphone screens. People can today compromise with the number of hours for which they sleep but no compromises are made on the surfing of internet. The craze of posting pictures, commenting, increasing like counts of a post, adding updates to the story on social media is increasing with multiple folds every day. Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms have taken the attention of people by storm.

However, this digital trend has given rise to both the mental and eye stress. Since the time spent on digital screens is more than the time of rest, our eyes lose their strength and tend to pain. In some conditions, the eyes are strained to the extent that they turn red developing an infection. Thus, it is better to take care of your eyes from the harmful blue light of the screens.

This blog discusses about some of the best ways in which you can protect your eyes and keep them in perfect health. Go through them discussed as under-

Ways to protect your eyes against the blue light damage

  1. Make a 20-20 rule- You better make a 20-20 rule to give your eyes a rest. So, what you have to do is to divert your eyes from the blue screen that you are working on after every 20 minutes. Just look at something which is at least 20 feet away from you and you will notice that your eyes are relaxed. Since your eyes will shift from short to long distance gaze, they will be relaxed and less strained.
  2. No reflections on screen- People are buying anti-glare or anti-reflection screens, so that there is less strain on the eyes. You should know that any kind of weird reflection on your screen can put high level of strain on your eyes, inflicting pain on them. The hack here would be to shift your screen a bit to either left or right. Yes, this will put less strain and will also keep your nosy colleague from peeping into your screen.
  3. Keep screen at a distance- The optometrists suggest that you should keep the screen at an arm’s length away from your eyes. This avoids the strain on your eyes and keep them relaxed. Usually, people sit very close to their computer screens, which give them intense pain and stress to the eyes. So, better to keep all your screens including laptop, desktop, smartphone etc. at an arm’s length distance. Working on them from a distance will also avoid the increase in your power of the eyes.
  4. Blink, blink, blink- Do not forget to blink while you are working on any screen. It might sound surprising but it is true that we forget to blink our eyes when we are highly engrossed in reading something important or having a text conversation with somebody. So, better to remind yourself to blink eyes after every few seconds, so that your eyes are not strained and they don’t get dry.
  5. Adjust screen settings- If you have a habit of working with full brightness on your screen then you got to change it now. You should keep the brightness level of your computer screen and phone screen to the minimal level. In fact, you can turn the black and white theme on to be at bay from the blue harsh light.
  6. Minimize screen usage- You should reduce the times when you are using your screen. If you have been texting your co-worker at work then it is now better to change it and visit his/her desk and talk in person. Likewise, going on your own to the nearest coffee shop instead of ordering coffee online would be a good option. You will have to control yourself from using the mobile screen, which you can do by starting a conversation with the others in the queue while waiting for your turn to get the coffee.
  7. Invest in blue light blocking screen protector- This would be a good idea if you are not interested to wear an anti-glare spectacle. You can use a screen protector that block the blue light from reaching your eyes and keep them protected. You can easily get these protectors online at a very realistic price. Though it will not cut all the eye stress but will still be relaxing for your eyes when you are working all throughout the day.

However, if the condition of your eyes has worsened then you must contact an optometrist. In fact, a good optician is also able to do a basic check-up of the eyes and will suggest you to wear the anti-glare spectacles to keep the rays of blue light away from you. There is a variety of such glasses available in the market that will not only protect your eyes but will also enhance your style and personality.

How to find the best optical shop?

Best optical shop in Delhi

To find one such optical shop, you can browse through the internet and consider the ones that are in the top results of the search engines. You can also read the testimonials of that shop in order to know what its previous clients have to say. All the positive reviews are big yes to the store and the negative reviews are a red flag. So, you have to be pretty smart while choosing the best optical shop in Mayur Vihar Delhi to get the finest quality of anti-glare glasses to protect your eyes. Therefore, it is the time to keep all the above discussed ways in mind and save your eyes from the stress and strain of digital blue light. Take care!

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